Mistakes I Made When I Was Starting Out On Photography

good photography photo courtesy of andrew brooksWhen starting out on something, you really can make a fool out of yourself…which I personally did. I remember reading my camera manual from the front page to the back cover and interpreting so many things completely the wrong way. Oh dear!….Although it was a great way of learning how to use my camera, doing it all alone left me totally confused and I ended up making silly mistakes. Well, I know better now, but I will share with you some of these mistakes so that you do not do the same.

Always on the wrong focus mode

The one thing you cannot yet fix on post production is your focus. That’s why it’s absolutely important you get it right in camera. And time here is absolutely important. If your camera is always trying to refocus when you are shooting even still objects, or the camera cannot track focus of moving objects, then you are on the wrong focus. I know how this can be frustrating especially when starting out.

Always took photos on low resolution

Capturing at low resolution may provide more storage space for images in your memory card, but it’s not the best idea. If you use a low resolution setting, then you will be compromising on the quality of your images and you will not be able to print out bigger photos without seeing the pixels.

Always Shot In JPG

If you are still shooting in JPG, then you are doing everything wrong. Switch it to RAW and you will enjoy better quality pictures. Not only will the quality be great, but it will give you several options especially during post production.
When shooting in JPG, the camera uses the white balance, saturation, sharpening, contrast and compress the balance.
Other people are afraid of shooting RAW because the file sizes are bigger and they do not have enough storage space in the hard drive. The good news is that there is more cheap external memory you really don’t have any excuse. Or do you?

I didn’t ever back up

This has to be the silliest mistake I made when starting out. Well, the photos weren’t that great, but I would be glad to have them today. I lost all the photos I had taken when my hard drive failed. Now, I know better. My back up is super!

I took photos with subjects being too far

Every photo I take, I often want something that’s perfect on the frame. Back then as a newbie in photography, I always took pictures with subjects being too far and looking at them now, they do not make much impact. You can move your subjects closer by making use of high quality telephoto zoom lens. It’s important that you shoot your images at the highest resolution you possibly can because simply cropping will decrease its quality.
I know it can really be frustrating being a newbie, but hang in there. Every guru was once an amateur. Learn from your mistakes like I did and you will be a super photographer.
Thanks and all the best!